Teste de Nível - Inglês

Responda às questões abaixo. As questões apresentadas são de escolha múltipla e estão divididas em 4 níveis de dificuldade. No final ser-lhe-á apresentado um relatório com os resultados finais e um enquadramento de nível de conhecimento de língua inglesa com base no QECRL (Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas). Poderá visualizar um relatório de resultados e optar por o receber na sua caixa de email.
Poderá ainda completar o enquadramento de nível com um teste oral a realizar num Ginásio da Educação Da Vinci perto de si.
Bom teste! Selecione as opções corretas:

1. What is your name?

  My name John

  My name's John

  Me John

  I John

2. When do you study?

  at school

  in the evenings

  in the library

  at home

3. When can we meet again?

  When are you free?

  It was two days ago.

  Can you help me?


4. I .... late for class.

  am sometimes

  sometimes am


  always am

5. My aunt is going to stay with me.

  How do you do?

  How long for?

  How was it?

  What happened?

6. What's your job? - ..... teacher.



  I'm a

  My job is

7. Would you prefer lemonade or orange juice?

  Have you got anything else?

  If you like.

  Are you sure about that?

  No, thanks.

8. You don't understand what I'm saying, .....

  are you?

  don't you?

  do you?


9. ..... a cigarette? - No thanks, I don't smoke.

  Do you like

  Can you like

  Would you like

  Like you

10. What time is it? - ..... 4:30.





11. I got angry with him because he was late ......

  as usual.

  in general.



12. I .... In Lisbon since 2010.

  have lived




13. According to Peter's ...... the bus leaves at 8 o'clock.





14. Haven't you finished that job .....





15. He has a new Ferrari he .... rich.

  can be

  may be

  will be

  must be

16. The builders are ...... good progress with the new house.





17. Have you .... the new James Bond film?

  already see


  already seen


18. The tickets .... very expensive.





19. American cars are usually ..... Japanese

  more big as

  bigger than

  bigger as

  more big like

20. When a car pulled out in front of her, Jane did well not to ...... control of her bicycle.





21. you get your father's permission, I'll take you skiing next weekend.





22. A local company has agreed to ...... the school team with football shirts.





23. Would you mind ..... in here? I just find it very unpleasant, I'm afraid.

  not to smoke

  to not smoke

  not smoking

  of not smoking

24. With this lovely weather there ..... to be millions of people on the beach.


  are certain

  are certainly

  will certain

25. Be quiet! You're not ..... here, you know.


  supposed to be

  supposing to be

  supposed being

26. I've got two sisters, and ..... live in the South of Portugal.

  both they

  both them

  both of them

  the both of them

27. I really enjoy stories that are ...... in the distant future.





28. ..... I live in England, I actually don't enjoy English food much.

  Even though

  Every though


  As though

29. I haven't got your book with me; I ..... it at home.

  must leave

  would have to leave

  should leave

  had to leave

30. Sorry you didn't find me at home. ..... out to do some shopping.

  I'd gone

  I've gone

  I'll be going

  I've been going

31. No sooner had we arrived ....

  it start to rain

  it started raining

  it was raining

  it had rained

32. I know what that word means! I looked ..... in my dictionary.

  for it


  to it

  it up

33. People were different in those days. However he treated her, my grandmother ..... my grandfather.

  would never leave

  would never have left

  had never left

  will never have left

34. You should not have a dog if you are not ...... to look after it.





35. If you .... to University you would have become a doctor.

  had gone

  would go

  hadn't be

  will go

36. John seemed to take ...... at my comments on his work.





37. You can't be sure that your watch was stolen. I mean, you ..... it somewhere.

  may have to drop

  should have dropped

  could be dropping

  might have dropped

38. Are you sure we've never met? You ..... someone I used to know

  remind me

  remember me

  remember to

  remind me of

39. The judge said that those prepared to...... in crime must be ready to suffer the consequences.





40. Would you rather ..... now, or later?

  us to eat

  we'll eat

  we'd eat

  we eat