Teste de Nível - Inglês

Este teste é composto por 40 questões de escolha múltipla, divididas por 4 níveis de dificuldade.
No final ser-lhe-á apresentado o resultado do nível de conhecimento com base no QECRL (Quadro Europeu Comum de Referência para as Línguas).
Bom teste!

A pontuação final obtida resulta de:

Cada resposta correta do nível 1 é multiplicada por 1 ponto; cada resposta correta do nível 2 é multiplicada por 2 pontos; cada resposta correta do nível 3 é multiplicado por 3 pontos; cada resposta correta do nível 4 é multiplicado por 4 pontos.
O número total de pontos, em 100, é traduzido para o nível correspondente de acordo com o QECRL.

O resultado procura enquandrar o seu nível de Inglês e não dispensa a complementariedade de um teste de diagnóstico oral, com um formador habilitado.
A classificação atribuída não é final nem vinculativa, não podendo ser utilizada como prova de qualificação linguística formal.

1. That is the restaurant … we had dinner last month.





2. My mother was …. all day!

  in home

  a home

  in the home

  at home

3. Come on! It’s time ….

  to go.

  we go.

  to going.

  for going.

4. My name is Tom. What’s …

  is your name?

  name is you?

  your name?


5. Where ….. ? - I am from Lisbon.

  are you from?

  do you come?

  from you?

  you go to?

6. Who´s book is this? - It is …



  to Laura.

  from Laura.

7. What time is it? - It’s ten … seven





8. Carol is in love with ...





9. Teresa usually ..... to work.



  does driving


10. What's your job? - ..... teacher.



  I'm a

  My job is

11. Teresa .... working on this project for two days, so she hasn’t made much progress yet.

  is only

  has only been

  was only

  had only been

12. I’ve finished this soup but I’m still hungry. I ..... ordered something more filling.

  must have

  would have

  should have

  may have

13. Julia ... married since she was 20.



  has been

  is being

14. I couldn’t ... up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.





15. I ... outside my school when suddenly a police car arrived.


  was standing

  have stood

  am standing

16. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people's ...... of life.





17. What clothes should I pack for a trip to Boston? - Well, it depends ... the time of year that you go.





18. Tango music always .... me of my trip to Argentina





19. Don’t worry if I ... late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.


  will be

  has been

  is being

20. She is now taking a more positive ...... to her studies and should do well.





21. I ... to be picking Tom up at school, but I’ve lost my car keys!

  am supposed

  am requested

  am intended

  am obliged

22. How long ..... in New York, then?

  are you living

  do you live

  have you been living

  have you been lived

23. A local company has agreed to ...... the school team with football shirts.





24. Anyone ...... after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval.


  has arrived



25. Ben got the job because he .... a very good impression at his interview.





26. With this lovely weather there ..... to be millions of people on the beach.


  are certain

  are certainly

  will certain

27. I've got two sisters, and ..... live in the South of Portugal.

  both they

  both them

  both of them

  them two

28. That old saucepan will come in ...... when we go camping.





29. ..... I live in England, I actually don't enjoy English food much.

  Even though

  Every though


  As though

30. By the age of 18,I ... not to go to university.

  had decided


  have decided

  was deciding

31. Are you sure we've never met? You ..... someone I used to know.

  remind me

  remember me

  remember to

  remind me of

32. This kind of music is very popular ..... young people at the moment.





33. John seemed to take ...... at my comments on his work.





34. The experiment ... testing people’s responses before and after drinking coffee.





35. You're still at it, aren't you? You really ..... that essay by now.

  must have finished

  should have finished

  should finish

  would have to finish

36. The judge said that those prepared to...... in crime must be ready to suffer the consequences.





37. The farmhouse was so isolated that they had to generate their own electricity ......





38. I prefer to buy CDs ... download music from my computer.

  in contrast to

  as opposed to

  rather than

  in comparison to

39. People were amazed that the burglary took place in ... daylight.





40. I didn't ...... driving home in the storm so I stayed overnight in a hotel.